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FALL 2010

At the February meeting the Board of Supervisors appointed Fredrick J. Brezel as Supervisor to fill the vacancy until the next municipal election in 2 years. Fred has been an active part of the community for 30 years and a resident for 15 years. He is the treasurer of the Cooper's Lake Campground.

There's a lot that goes on in the state and federal government that bypass or ignore our constitutional rights. A recent example in the PA legislation is Senate Bill 1357 which would create the Boundary Review Commission allowing the General Assembly to study and make recommendations on municipal mergers (the bill, however, would put two places out of the commission's reach: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) and House Bill 2431 which would amend the PA constitution to have the county as the lowest level of government (including roads, land use and zoning, sanitation, health and safety, and law enforcement).

What does all that mean? There are some PA lawmakers who want to bypass the current voters rights by amending the PA constitution so that they can merge (get rid of whether you want to or not) townships. As it stands right now only a vote by the residents can affect a merge. That right would be stripped from you and placed in the hands of an unelected commission.

What can we do? As individuals: go on-line and look at SR 1357 and HB 2431 then call our state representatives and let them know we don't want these bills passed. What are we doing as your supervisors? We have passed a resolution opposing forced mergers of local government and have forwarded copies of that resolution to the Association of Township Supervisors. Let us know what you think about this subject. Come to the next township meeting at the Township Hall on Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 PM.

Fred Brezel Supervisor - Worth Township

Senator Bob Robbins
259 Main Street
Greenville, PA 16125

Rep. Richard Stevenson
1767 N. Main St. Ext.
Butler, PA 16001

We continue to find our road signs defaced or disappearing. If you witness anyone taking or destroying our signs PLEASE call the state police or a Township Supervisor. If possible, get a license number if a vehicle is involved. Each sign costs about $40 - $60 depending on size. Your tax dollars are being wasted as a result of someone's dishonest acts.

Residents are reminded to avoid planting trees and shrubs on the road right-of-way. The usual right of way is 33 feet, although there are some variations. The easiest way to find the edge of the right of way is to measure 16 1/2 feet from the center of the cart way of the road. If shrubs or trees are in or overhang the right of way the Township can mow them down or you may be asked to remove those plants. Remember that the cute little seedling planted today can turn into the monster pine hanging over the road or blocking your view from your driveway. Right of ways are mowed to control vegetation for safe sight distances and to reduce the instances of trees falling on the cart way during storms. If you have questions about any particular tree along the road on your property, call the road crew, Steve or Brian, at 724-368-3547. They would rather talk to you now than have to push your tree of the road at night or during a snow storm.

The increased installation activity by Embark in the area of the stockyard signals the coming of DSL to the central part of the Township. They purchased an easement for the equipment and the DSL service will soon be available for this area. Contact Embark for information.

A free Halloween Party for Worth Township residents will be held October 16, 2010 from 7:00 PM to 10 PM at Cooper's Lake Campground 205 Currie Road Slippery Rock, PA 16057. There will be costume contests for all ages with prizes, complementary refreshments, and a DJ dance. You don't have to dress up to attend. Parents must accompany children under the age of 16. Admission is free for Worth Township, Muddy Creek Township, and Portersville Residents. For questions please call 724-368-8710.

Butler County Sewage Association no longer represents our Township. Residents requiring a Sewage Permit for repair of an existing system or to have a new system installed should come to the Township office to apply or if it is an emergency, call Sewage Enforcement Officer David Ice at 724-894-2302.

The town hall is available for rent for showers, birthday parties, or family gatherings. The rental rate is based on the number of persons using the facilities. $75 plus security deposit for less than 50 persons and $125 plus security for more than 50 persons. Residents receive a $25 reduction in rental. To reserve the Hall, call the office at 724-368-3545.

The Planning Commission reviews the submissions for any subdivisions or land development in the Township and acts as an advisory to the Board of Supervisors. You probably already knew that, but do you know who is on that committee? They are your neighbors and they serve without payment.
The current members are:
  • Dave Cooper - Chairman
  • Dwight Heitzenrater - Vice-Chairman
  • Carol Miller - Secretary
  • Ron Ditomasso
  • John Eppinger
  • Don French
  • Bill McClymonds
  • Ken Moniot
  • Tom Shaffer
When you see them, be sure to thank them for their community service.

Special Reminder from the Road Crew - Please do not dump debris into the ditches or push snow out onto the roadway. Thanks!

Election Day is November 2. Don't forget to vote!